World Health Day 2022: Surprising ways voice tech helps healthcare professionals

World Health Day, celebrated on April 7th of every year in honor of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) first international assembly in 1948, is a chance to bring awareness and focus to important health-related topics on a global stage. Each year, the WHO coordinates events of all sizes on this day, highlighting particularly topical themes. Among these themes for 2022 are keeping humans healthy and creating societies focused on well-being.

Though technological innovation is pervasive in every sector, there is perhaps no more impactful use of purpose-built technologies than in the healthcare field. In supporting the health of populations around the world and the well-being of not only patients but each other, physicians, nurses, and other staff can leverage speech-to-text solutions in a variety of ways.

Celebrating World Health Day &
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Prevent burnout instead of battling it

Designed for the rigors and demands of healthcare, these solutions can help banish burnout, for example. Burnout is a major issue among healthcare professionals and has been worsening due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But being able to automatically convert speech into usable data for EHRs and other documentation (instead of typing or scrolling through seemingly endless on-screen menus) is a way to relieve some of the time-consuming and labor-intensive administrative work required of them, which helps mitigate overtime and overwork.

Handle ebbs and flows with ease

To take this a step further, voice tech can alleviate both literal and figurative headaches for healthcare organizations is to better distribute workloads either among or across various departments, so transcriptionists and administrative staff can be reassigned as needed. Being able to accommodate fluctuations in work volume without panic or stress does wonders for improving a team’s holistic mental, physical, and emotional health.

Get security on-the-go for modern healthcare heroes

Speaking of fluctuations, it’s more and more common today for healthcare professionals to have non-traditional workdays. The increasing popularity of telehealth visits or virtual consultations is one example, as is being co-located between more than one hospital or clinic. With cloud-enabled, web-based voice tools featuring enterprise-grade security capabilities, physicians and other staff can confidently work from a variety of locations (and on any device), and do so knowing they are protecting their patients’ confidential data as well as their organizations’.

Get better engagement…for better outcomes

Finally – and most importantly – advanced voice tech can help improve patient outcomes. Physicians and nurses are typically pressed for time when seeing patients and are often partially preoccupied by the vast amounts of requisite data they must capture and document during their already-brief interactions. Being able to utilize speech-to-text solutions to automate and streamline data capture, processing, and routing significantly increases the amount of quality time they can spend truly engaging with patients and working together on their goals for care.

World Health Day is an important opportunity to put the spotlight on the issues that affect all global citizens, but it’s vital to consider the impacts related to healthcare professionals who lead that ecosystem.

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