Zoom fatigue? Get this triple-shot of espresso for remote meetings

Digital conferencing applications have been part of the standard toolbox for geographically dispersed teams for many years now – and in the post-pandemic era, they’re critical for supporting the hybrid work trend. But as great as they are, a lot can get lost in translation when collaborating this way, whether team members are Zoom-ing, Teams-ing, or WebEx-ing. It’s easy to get distracted, miss an important point, lose track of follow-up items, or forget to share notes with others.

Sound familiar? A new offering from Philips and Sembly AI is helping bridge the gap, making remote and hybrid meetings more efficient and productive. SmartMeeting, which combines proven enterprise-grade hardware with the power of machine-learning software, not only records meeting minutes, but pulls relevant highlights, turns them into actionable insights and enables easy cataloging and reference.

Meet the next big thing in hybrid teamwork

Imagine being able to fully engage in dialogue during a meeting, not worrying about who’s taking notes – or if they’re capturing them thoroughly and accurately. Beyond that, imagine getting a concise summary of key takeaways without having to sort through pages of unnecessary details. It’s all possible with SmartMeeting, whose advanced AI capabilities and intuitive user interface produce visually appealing, easily understood post-meeting reports. This takes meeting minutes to new levels by leveraging machine learning to draw context and insights from the content, and more importantly, turn them into actions.

Didn’t catch that? No problem, SmartMeeting has you covered

Frantically searching for hastily filed meeting notes, digging through an overflowing email inbox to reference a long-forgotten conference call, calling IT when a recording file is corrupted…everyone’s been there, and no one likes it. Cloud-enabled and equipped with a variety of automation features, SmartMeeting securely stores reports and detailed minutes in a centralized, easily referenceable library, accessible anytime and anywhere to team members who need them. Taking the guesswork out of organizing and cataloging files is a huge timesaver (and frustration saver!) that lets teams devote more energy to high-value work.

Don’t play the telephone game – get the info straight from the source

Conflicting schedules, vacations, and other personal or professional commitments will always prevent all necessary participants from attending every meeting. Again, not a problem for SmartMeeting. Its sharing functionality disperses the same information consistently, either with groups or with individuals. In addition, the solution’s chat feature allows meeting attendees to immediately ask questions or seek additional clarification directly within the application.

If saving time, increasing efficiency, and driving overall operational optimization are important to you and your organization, you’ll want SmartMeeting in your toolbox. Get more info about the voice-tech meeting assistant that can launch your team to the next level of digital transformation.

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