This tech tool is the team player who’s always on-call

It’s no secret that healthcare professionals are shouldering increasing burdens due to shortages of qualified staff, burnout, changing industry business models, and other challenges. But what you might not know is that many healthcare organizations and practices of all types and sizes are using innovations in voice tech to help relieve these burdens.

Our new mini ebook highlights ways voice and speech-to-text applications can support everything from streamlining workflows and reducing administrative tasks to mitigating overwork-related stress and improving patient engagement.

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  • So far all comments are general. It would be desirable that there were or were given concrete examples of use of the dictaphone.

    • Thank you for your feedback. If you’re interested to find out what would work best for your use case, send us a message at and we are happy to reach out. We always like to understand first what you’d be looking for before recommending a specific solution as there are many options.

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