“But wait, there’s more!” The meeting tool that does it all

In an earlier blog entry, we explored some of the biggest benefits of a revolutionary new tool from Philips and Sembly AI, designed to help teams collaborate better and stay productive when conducting remote and hybrid meetings. A combination of enterprise-grade hardware with robust machine-learning software, SmartMeeting is a solution that simplifies and streamlines the complex (and sometimes confusing) workflows that follow meetings.

Sound too good to be true? That’s understandable – it’s easy to expect little in the way of meeting productivity and effectiveness in an age where many are suffering from Zoom overload or getting reacclimated to in-person meetings back in the office. But here we explore some of the key features of SmartMeeting that spell out how the solution is changing how we think about doing meetings in the new work landscape:

  • Cure “Zoom fatigue” | Who hasn’t missed an update or an action item while multitasking during a video call? While this technology helps keep team members connected even when they’re physically apart, it can also contribute to cognitive overload and impact the ability to fully focus. Having SmartMeeting is like inviting a colleague to the meeting who always pays rapt attention – and who captures the entire conversation with clarity, accuracy, and completion. 
  • Not just a note-taker | What makes SmartMeeting truly ground-breaking is the ability to transform these meeting notes into actionable insights. Combing the transcripts for actions, issues, and requirements, the solution doesn’t just report what happened during the meeting, it analyzes the content to help drive the tangible outcomes that need to follow it.
  • Just the highlights, please | Sometimes all that’s needed is a quick summary to get up to speed on a meeting. With SmartMeeting, you can get an overview of the meeting’s key topics and major highlights when you’re in a hurry, and then delve into the full version of the notes when you have more time.
  • The hybrid helper | It’s estimated that 74% of US companies already have, or plan to have, permanent hybrid-work models in the post-pandemic era. As a result, the blend of virtual and in-person meetings is here to stay. SmartMeeting enables teams to bring remote and in-office employees together with a suite of solutions that make it possible to collaborate in one digital “room.”
  • No mo’ FOMO | When you can’t make that big interdepartmental meeting, send SmartMeeting to that call instead, knowing comprehensive transcription and key takeaways will be available afterward. It’s like having an AI-enabled assistant who serves as your reliable, detail-oriented stand in if you have a scheduling conflict. 
  • Hardware that works harder | Of course, we can’t forget about mechanics. SmartMeeting features Philips’ industry-leading hardware, which helps reduce echo and improve audio quality so meeting conversations are clearly recorded. And don’t worry about not  hearing that colleague at the far end of the conference room table, since the device’s powerful microphone features 360° audio pickup and can record speech up to 15 feet away (not to mention those who attend remotely!).
  • A real team player | SmartMeeting joins any meeting via invite, link, or calendar sync with nothing to download, so it’s easy and seamless to use. After the notes are recorded, review and sharing capabilities make it convenient to inform and provide direction to attendees or other team members.

Leave us a comment to learn more about the voice-tech meeting assistant that will change the way you look at collaboration. Our seasoned experts can help your organization get started, leveraging the SmartMeeting solution in limitless ways to maximize your team’s potential.

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