4 Ways How SmartMeeting is Game Changing


The new SmartMeeting Conferencing Solution with Sembly AI is every office person’s best friend. But how can this be when computers and smartphones already exist? What more can the solution bring to the table? Well meetings, especially with collaboration tools such as Google, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, are now more digestible and less daunting with the unique and innovative meeting note-taking capabilities.

1) A Brief Meeting Brief

The solution’s advanced AI algorithms can immensely improve productivity for individuals and teams. Rather than someone writing a report based on meeting notes taken by a meeting attendee, the AI can summarize, in a matter of minutes, what the discussions were about. It also eliminates human interpretation which might otherwise be inherent in the summary based on the note-taker’s own experiences or role within that meeting.

In addition, the user interface makes the report look appealing and helps those who missed it have a nice, eye-catching summary that follows the meeting progression. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing emojis to help point out the important topics discussed!

2) Accurate and Detailed Meeting Minutes

SmartMeeting & Sembly, in addition to capturing every word and creating meeting briefs, can also highlight key points discussed and which actions need to be taken as follow-up to the meeting. Sembly helps you to focus on the actual conversations happening in the meeting rather than trying to not miss a thing by jotting down notes and provides you with automated minutes after the meeting.

3) Search the Library of Meetings

Tired of digging up old reports of meetings, struggling to find the document, or even worse the meeting file is corrupted, and no one can remember where else the meeting report was saved? Sembly allows you to text search across all your meetings. It has all reports and detailed minutes stored in the cloud.

Philips Dictation and Sembly AI understand the power of the cloud and how crucial it is to access work from anywhere and anytime. The Sembly Search feature provides secure access from your phone or on your desktop with just a few clicks.

4) The More the Merrier

You’ve searched the meeting minutes and you’ve got the report generated by Sembly but how do you share everything with the colleague you want? Especially with someone who did not participate in the meeting? Sembly’s share function allows you to share with groups and individuals and even with those that are not registered on the platform! For people in your organization, the Bookmark feature allows you to share important moments of the meeting with a colleague over chat. Once the colleague clicks the short link, they will be directly sent to that moment in the meeting where the key topic was discussed. You can add a note instantly, instead of waiting for the next meeting, to resolve issues.

The Matchmade in Heaven

Philips Dictation is proud to have partnered with Sembly AI to create the ultimate office meeting product: SmartMeeting. Leveraging their long-standing expertise in professional voice technology hardware and recording products combined with Sembly AI meeting technology, you now have a sophisticated voice-tech meeting assistant that will always be there to support you in your online, hybrid or in person meetings.

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