Video: Philips SpeechLive – Automatic Upload Client

We are constantly working towards optimizing the user experience for our Philips SpeechLive customers. In our Tech Thursdays series we are releasing short videos that will help you navigate smoothly through the software, learn about settings and features, and customize the solution according to organizational needs.

Feature: Automatic Upload Client

Learn how easy it is to upload recordings to Philips SpeechLive using the new Automatic Upload Client. You can upload dictations from your computer or directly from a connected voice recorder using the SpeechLive Desktop App. Please note that automatic upload is only supported by the following voice recorder models: Philips PocketMemo DPM8000 series, Olympus DS-7000 and DS-9000

The feature can be accessed in Philips SpeechLive > My dictations :

Read more about Philips SpeechLive and try it out here.

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