Philips SpeechLive supports Single Sign-On

To support easier and more secure login for Philips SpeechLive users, we have implemented the Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, which allows users to log in to SpeechLive using their Microsoft account credentials.

With a multitude of applications used in any office environment, where one needs to remember different usernames and passwords, users tend to choose easier usernames and passwords compromising security. Single Sign-On (SSO) takes the burden off users, allowing them to create a single set of strong login credentials for multiple application logins. SSO also simplifies the work for administrators when password resets or user changes are needed.

Important things you should know about the functionality:

  • To use SSO, Microsoft Azure Active Directory must be available and configured for use with Philips SpeechLive. We have created a step-by-step guide for the IT administrator.
  • SSO can be enabled for authors and typists only if added by the IT administrator to the SpeechLive workflow.
  • Other security settings of your Microsoft account, like multi-factor authentication, will also apply when you sign in to Philips SpeechLive via SSO.
  • You can use SSO on all Philips SpeechLive platforms – Mobile, Desktop and Web App.

For more information, refer to the SpeechLive What’s new section or help.

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