If your workday feels like a test, here’s how to ace it!

Are you frustrated by trying to meet increasing client demands and finding more off-hours time to yourself? You’re not alone. For many attorneys, a healthy work-life balance can seem like an impossible equation, especially in the face of recent industry shifts such as staff shortages and adjusting to new remote or hybrid work arrangements.

Healthy, happy, hybrid

According to a recent study published by Thomson Reuters’ 2022 Report on the State of the Legal Market, there has been a record level of attorney turnover in 2021 – despite rising salaries in the industry. The report also revealed, firms lost nearly 25% of their legal associates due to higher demand for legal talent. Due to this growing demand, there have been staffing shortages across various roles in the legal industry. This makes it more challenging for legal professionals to work efficiently, achieve professional satisfaction, and maintain a good work-life balance.

Attorneys in the digital era and speech to text

With digitization and a strategic approach to technology, attorneys can leverage speech-to-text innovations to ease out the bumps as they on go during their workday. In an industry, that is complex and detail-orientated and requires intensive collaboration and documentation, speech-to-text solutions can have significant positive impacts.

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