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Radiological Society of North America | RSNA 2022 | Radiology Conference & Annual Meeting highlights

RSNA 2022, one of the leading global radiology conferences, was held from November 27 to December 1 in Chicago, Illinois, returning with hundreds of exhibitors, technology talks and a varied speaker line-up making for exciting highlights around the latest innovations, technology, and research transforming the future of radiology. The conference draws ten-thousands of participants every year bringing business partners, colleagues, and friends together for an insightful and educational experience. RSNA also kept the virtual offering to allow participants online access to sessions and presentations.

This year, the Philips Dictation team had the opportunity to participate in person again and collaborate with our valued business partners as well as seek potential new partnerships to integrate voice technology with radiology solutions. The conference is a great platform to follow and discuss new trends, developments, and innovations in the radiology community. The technical exhibit gave us an insight into the latest medical imaging technology and a deeper understanding of how AI software and solutions are revolutionizing patient diagnosis and patient care.

We are also pleased to see that our long-standing dictation microphone – Philips SpeechMike is such an integral part of the radiology and healthcare community. Everyone we spoke to knew about the microphone and often owned one. Philips SpeechMike is specifically engineered for prolonged use in healthcare settings, keeping in mind the importance of fast and accurate documentation needed in the healthcare industry. With best-in-class lossless recording technology eliminating background noise, an integrated mouse touch sensor, and tested ergonomics, Philips SpeechMike remains the most popular choice for many healthcare professionals.

Our favorite part was meeting our partners in person, networking, and discussing long-term goals, product development as well as receiving valuable feedback for future developments. It was great to connect with first-time exhibitors too, understanding their business and how our offerings could complement each other for the best user experience. The Lunch and Learn sessions and product demonstrations and presentations in the AI showcase hub were also very informative to keep up with the latest in medical imaging AI.

Last, but not least: Let’s not forget the World Cup fever at RSNA. The conference was very well organized, easy to navigate, and people attended from all parts of the world. With an international crowd like this, it was obvious that breaks had to be used to catch up on soccer as well.

We’d like to thank our business partners for their continued support. See you next year!

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