Simplifying Speech Recognition Everyday

Philips SpeechLive Desktop App is an easy-to-use desktop app that is part of the Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution. SpeechLive desktop app offers you the flexibility to dictate into any program on your PC and convert your voice to text in real-time.

How it works:

Download and install the app on your PC. (Please note: Currently for Windows operating systems only). Click the red microphone symbol and place the cursor in any application, for example your email, word document, document management system or CRM, and start speaking. Text will appear where you placed the cursor. The app supports multiple languages in user settings, and supports voice commands to add special characters and paragraphs for better speech recognition accuracy.

Philips SpeechLive Desktop App
Select different languages in the user settings

Furthermore, the app supports convenient voice file uploads from digital dictation recorders such as Philips PocketMemo DPM8000 series and third-party portable dictation devices such as Olympus DS-9500, DS-9000 and DS-7000.

Watch this video to learn how to automatically upload dictations to SpeechLive with the Desktop app.

Experienced Philips SpeechLive Desktop App users will notice that dictation properties on your recorder like work type and priority will now also be transferred to the SpeechLive dictation worklist.

Philips SpeechLive Desktop App updates automatically upon restart to the latest version. To download the Philips SpeechLive Desktop App – visit Philips SpeechLive Speech to text

For more information, also visit the SpeechLive What’s new section or the Help.

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