SDKs for web-based apps:  Easily add dictation to your solution!

What is a Software Development Kit (SDK)?

An SDK is a set of tools, libraries, relevant documentation, code samples, processes, guides, and sometimes IDEs (Integrated development environments) provided by software and hardware vendors, that can be used by developers to build software applications on different platforms. SDKs allow developers to build apps that integrate with third-party products or services.

Philips provides different types of SDKs, varying by supported features, supported platforms, and supported devices. Most of these SDKs however were limited to Windows desktop applications. Since more and more software vendors migrate their software to web-based platforms, Philips provides different options to integrate dictation devices into these platforms.

Why are SDKs important?

  • Faster integration: Easy to use SDKs help developers to add more app functions or add new app features. A good SDK should be able to simplify the integration process. Philips Software Development Kit (SDK) offers fast and easy integration of current and future dictation hardware.
  • Enhanced flexibility and functionality: With good SDKs, developers can enhance web-app functions or create new tools. Philips SDK supports Chrome and Edge browsers on various platforms for maximum flexibility.
  • Cost savings: Due to a shorter development phase, web-apps built using SDKs offer cost saving since they do not require very specialized technical skills and allow quick and easy integrations. Philips SDK comes with sample websites and an online integration guide is provided to simplify the integration process.

The Philips hardware integration guide for web-based apps

The Philips Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a simple interface for the integration and control of Philips Dictation Hardware in third-party apps. Philips dictation devices like the SpeechMike dictation microphone or transcription hardware like the Philips foot control can be easily integrated into web-apps by using the SDK provided by Philips.

Detailed guidelines in the new Philips Online Help now provide an at-a-glance overview and guidelines on how 3rd party software vendors can use different SDKs to integrate Philips dictation devices on websites. The guide includes:

  • how to use Philips SDKs to integrate Philips hardware in 3rd party web apps, including sample websites
  • pros and cons of each method
  • supported devices and platforms

If you’d like to incorporate working with dictation devices in your web-based solution, we are here to help. Our online guide provides you with detailed information. If you like to know more, leave us a comment and visit the website.

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