Make the winning move – the tech upgrade you should adopt

Users of Winscribe Digital Dictation will soon be faced with replacing their solution, with the hosted version only available for renewal until June 2023, and maintenance and support for the on-premises version ending in June 2024. This necessitates a technology migration that can actually be a great opportunity for an upgrade. Fans of Winscribe’s solution rely on its voice workflow automation, enhanced document creation, and integration capabilities. But Winscribe devotees need not fear, as Philips’ dictation solutions – recommended as Winscribe’s successor – offer even more features and functionalities.

A seamless progression, a pathway to even more capabilities

Philips SpeechLive supports business continuity and is a natural choice for Winscribe users. Combining best-in-class dictation workflow management end users are accustomed to with market-leading speech recognition and robust security and backend functions, the new SpeechLive Enterprise package takes dictation to the next level. This new package delivers on the needs of large, multi-user organizations that need central administration, built on the comprehensive and multi-dimensional SpeechLive offering, which includes:

  • Advanced workflow management between authors and transcriptionists
  • Automated routing for recordings and document creation to accelerate turnaround times
  • Integrated dictation recording directly into SpeechLive on a PC
  • Enhanced productivity through centralized management
  • The highest levels of security features – in addition to multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO), the solution includes activity notifications and backup to securely handle data
Benefits of on-premises vs cloud solution

Considerations for large law firms

IT leaders at large law firms on the lookout for solutions to transition their legacy Winscribe setup quickly realize, making the move to SpeechLive Enterprise enables them to realize a multitude of benefits. Typical objectives when reviewing new solutions are ensuring an easy transition for all users, finding a reliable and established manufacturer, and – last, but not least – taking a cost-conscious decision.

Another important factor is the ability to extensively trial a new solution to test if it meets the set conditions. The decision to migrate to the Philips SpeechLive Enterprise might be based on key factors such as:

  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), an enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access to prevent cybersecurity attacks
  • The same level of functionality as Winscribe in support of complex workflows and improved documentation practices
  • The cost factor as many firms are able to achieve cost savings compared to their previous Winscribe solution

Moving into the next phase of dictation does not have to be disruptive or taxing on users. With the right tools and the right team, it can help elevate performance across the organization.

Learn more about how to make the migration to elevated performance a smooth and easy one, and explore options for the Philips SpeechLive solution.

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