Philips SpeechLive User Roles explained

Philips SpeechLive is a full cloud solution built to help individuals and teams with efficient document creation through dictation, transcription, and speech recognition. Once you log in to SpeechLive, you will be prompted to select a user role to start working. SpeechLive includes several user roles with different functionalities:

Account Administrator

The account administrator can access the account settings and data as well as the workflow settings in Philips SpeechLive.

Under the Account tab, the account administrator can view all account details and download invoices. The administrator can add or remove user licenses, add speech-to-text packages to users, purchase credits for the Philips SpeechLive transcription service, and update payment information.

The Account tab is further segmented into different sections that can be viewed in detail here.

Under the Workflow tab the account administrator will find the most important settings for SpeechLive:

The account administrator can modify user information, add or remove users, change workflow relationships between SpeechLive users such as author and transcriptionist roles, view account activities, change speech-to-text language settings, define archive settings, search for dictations and download a backup.

Users that actively work with SpeechLive are in general called workflow users and can be defined as either authors or transcriptionists in the dictation workflow.

Author role

If you select the user role of an author, you can create dictations in the workflow using different recording options such as a Pocket Memo voice recorder, the Philips voice recorder smartphone app, or voice recording directly in the SpeechLive web recorder on your PC via a microphone – for example a Philips SpeechMike. All dictations can be accessed and managed under the Dictation tab. More detailed information can be found here.

Transcriptionist role

If you select the user role of a transcriptionist, dictation assigned to you will automatically show up in your work list which you can then transcribe. The transcription can be done via the SpeechLive web player directly in the browser or the locally installed software SpeechExec ProTranscribe which is connected to SpeechLive. More information can be found here.

Watch this video to learn how to transcribe dictations in SpeechLive.

Besides the above-described traditional roles, there is an additional user role that allows for frequently needed administrative rights for a workflow user supporting the account administrator.

Office Manager

An office manager has more advanced access rights than an author or transcriptionist and can access the SpeechLive dictation management. They also have access to the workflow tab where they can add and remove workflow users and define workflow relationships. They can search for dictations and download backups of the SpeechLive system. Watch this video to understand how to use the office manager view.

For more information, visit our YouTube channel or the Philips SpeechLive help section.

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