Authority Magazine Interview: The future of AI

We had the privilege of being interviewed by Authority Magazine, a Medium Publication, devoted to sharing in-depth interesting interviews, with scores of experts and thought leaders, around a single empowering topic.

Michael Weis, Director of Business Development Global Retail, Speech Processing Solutions and Gil Makleff, CEO of Sembly AI, were invited to talk about the future of Artificial Intelligence and how it impacts work environments. Backed by their extensive expertise in consumer insights and innovative product development, they shared their stance on Artificial Intelligence and the recent hype around this topic.

The interview sheds light on the changes in a hybrid work culture and how voice technology combined with speech-to-text workflow and AI are influencing meeting culture and beyond in new ways. The future corporate or personal workplace has changed more dramatically than ever since the pandemic and requires different approaches to collaborating and communicating.

Philips SmartMeeting with Sembly AI introduces mature AI technology into meeting culture – fostering meeting engagement flexibility and high-quality reporting outputs to increase the speed of information sharing with improved accountability and fewer meeting participants.

Read more in this article as Michael and Gil talk about their personal challenges and what has been their source of motivation, what made them pursue the career path of AI, what were the learnings, and what excites them most.

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