The many ways of speech-to-text with Philips SpeechLive

In our Tech Thursdays Series we are releasing short videos that help explain settings, features and ongoing enhancements for the Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation and transcription solution.

In this article you can learn about the many ways Philips SpeechLive offers to go from a recording to text. It allows you to upload finished recordings and create a speech recognized text for correction. You can use speech-to-text with the SpeechLive smartphone app or even use the feature to dictate directly into other applications on your computer and have text appear. All of these options are available starting with a SpeechLive Pro subscription and the speech-to-text add-on package. Watch the videos below to learn more!

Front-End Speech-to-Text in the SpeechLive App:

Back-End Speech-to-Text in the SpeechLive App:

Sending recorded files to speech recognition via the SpeechLive web application:

Front-End Speech-to-Text via the SpeechLive web application:

Speech-to-Text via the SpeechLive Desktop App into third party applications:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by commenting below if you have any questions or would like to learn more. We are happy to help!


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