Effortless workflow for better efficiency and collaboration!

How do you get your daily documentation done? Still typing or emailing recordings back and forth? When you are on the go, how do you manage your dictations and transcriptions?

Philips SpeechLive is a highly secure subscription-based cloud dictation, transcription and speech-to-text solution that automates your workflow to increase productivity and efficiency. With Philips SpeechLive you can create written documents from recordings – from your desk or on the go. Simply record using your smartphone or any dictation device, send the recording to the transcription option of your choice, and receive your transcribed document. Speak, send, done!

Philips SpeechLive Pro subscription along with speech-to-text add-on offers you enhanced features and allows you to upload finished recordings and create a speech-recognized text for correction. Use the SpeechLive desktop app for Windows to dictate into any program on your PC – for example to create emails with your voice instead of typing. Furthermore, you can simply record your notes and have the audio file routed automatically to an assistant to finalize the document. Transcriptionists can also use speech recognition to convert recordings to text automatically which then only requires review and minor corrections.

Watch our explainer video to learn more about Philips SpeechLive.

To learn more about the many ways on how to use automated speech-to-text with Philip SpeechLive, visit our blog.

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