Dictate from your wrist watch while on the go!

Have you tried recording on your watch yet?

Philips SpeechLive mobile app is now available on the Apple watch, to help you record and playback dictations on your wrist. SpeechLive subscribers can download the mobile app on their smartphone and Apple watch and reduce document turnaround times.

To get started, make sure your iOS is up to date. If you already have the SpeechLive mobile app downloaded on your iPhone and selected automatic app install in settings on your Apple watch app, SpeechLive mobile app will automatically install and appear on the Apple watch home screen. If you do not have the SpeechLive app installed on your phone, visit the Apple playstore to download the app. Scroll to the bottom of your watch app on your iPhone to make sure that SpeechLive is installed.

Once you see the SpeechLive App icon on your Apple watch, you can start, stop or pause your recording by clicking on the red start speechlive_app_icon-record.png button. You can click on the play playback-icon_applewatch.png button to play your recording. Once you finish the recording, click on finish-icon_applewatch.png to send your dictations to SpeechLive or delete delete-icon_applewatch.pngif you want to delete your current recording.

To learn more about Philips SpeechLive, visit www.speechlive.com

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