APCO 2023: Exploring latest technology in public safety communication

We were thrilled to be a part of APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo 2023, which was held in Nashville, TN, from August 6-9 and had the opportunity to network with industry professionals to learn more about public safety communications.

We interviewed our colleagues Yvonne Kirsch, VP & Sales Director North America, and Caroline Cantelon, Senior Sales Manager, to learn more about their experiences and takeaways from this premier public safety conference.

How was your experience?

Our experience was fantastic at APCO203. The organization team did an excellent job in ensuring everything ran smoothly. From logistics to coordination, their efforts were evident, making the event a successful and enjoyable experience for all attendees. One aspect that stood out was the enthusiasm of the audience. The attendees were genuinely interested in learning about new technologies and their potential applications. The discussions were vibrant and engaging, with a strong focus on exploring innovative solutions that could enhance the field of first responders.

It is clear that there is a genuine hunger for advancements that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response operations. This receptiveness created an atmosphere for meaningful conversations and knowledge sharing, fostering a strong sense of community among participants.

What did you like most about attending APCO for the first time?

The opportunity to engage and talk with first responders directly was definitely the best part. We had the chance to learn about their challenges and gain insights into the intricacies of their daily operations.

One significant challenge that caught our attention was how manual and time-consuming the record-keeping process is for officers in the field. Most conversations revolved around this challenge, highlighting the need for a more efficient approach. It became evident that our cloud-based dictation and transcription solution could play a pivotal role in streamlining the documentation process. By enabling real-time dictation and hands-free operation, Philips SpeechLive can help first responders document their observations and actions accurately without compromising their focus on critical tasks. Its ability to enhance accuracy, detail, and collaboration for documentation was also well-received. The fact that reports can be securely stored in the cloud and are easily accessible on various devices resonated positively with many attendees. The technology’s user-friendly interface and features designed for compliance and security were additional aspects that caught the attention of the audience.

Was there any new technology that stood out or caught your attention?

Certainly, there were several noteworthy new technologies that left a lasting impression at the event. A key point that emerged repeatedly was the significance of integrated information management. The seamless flow of data from initial incident reporting to more comprehensive records management was a prevailing focus. Many discussions revolved around the Computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system’s role as the hub for capturing essential information. This data then needs to be seamlessly transferred to Records Management Systems (RMS) to enable more detailed and comprehensive reporting.

The idea of interconnectedness stands at the forefront of technological advancements, emphasizing the need to bridge gaps and eliminate silos in information sharing. To provide first responders with the most complete information when they need it is essential for better decision-making and response coordination.

What was your takeaway from the event?

The event showcased the desire to embrace the latest technology to optimize efficiency for all parties involved in emergency services.

The consensus among attendees was clear: integrating solutions is vital for boosting emergency services’ effectiveness and responsiveness. The Philips SpeechLive API can play an important role to facilitate faster and more accurate reporting supporting the industry’s push for streamlined processes and technology integration.

With the information we are taking home from our days in Nashville, we really hope to further be part of the technology transformation in this important area.

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