ILTACON 2023: A successful week dedicated to Legal Tech

And just like that – ILTACON 2023 is a wrap! This annual peer-created and led conference provides an extensive educational program for legal professionals and is dedicated to showcasing the latest in legal technology. Our team is heading home from a week well spent in Orlando, Florida and we have asked them to share their experiences.

How was your overall experience?

Matt: Overall, I’d say the experience was fantastic. The show organization worked well, and we had a great location with our booth. The traffic in the exhibit hall was tremendous, we had many engaging conversations and 95% of our scheduled demos took place. This year we received a lot of interest in our offerings during our pre-show preparations as compared to previous years and this week really exceeded our expectations as we connected with prospects and customers in person. The exhibit floor with its open spaces offered lots of places to speak with consumers more privately and allow for in-depth conversations. Good speaking engagements on a variety of topics were also on the schedule. And above all that, the hotel accommodations were nice.

Caroline: I loved the experience this year! Last year we saw the first, but more hesitant re-emergence of social experiences and interactions after COVID-19, and attendees were just so happy to see everyone face to face. Now that the dust has settled, customers were more dedicated to looking at new solutions and showed a lot of interest in discussing forward-looking strategies.

Was there anything that stood out or caught your attention?

Matt: I would say the amount of people visiting ILTACON this year was outstanding. It looks like the return to tradeshows has started. The central focus of ILTACON was AI, with the legal market actively investigating the most effective ways to leverage AI for maximum efficiency. The development towards working in the cloud continues and most law firms are eager to discontinue on-premises solutions.

What did you learn from your conversations at the show?

Matt: One of the responses we heard most often was that most law firms desire to shift to the cloud to manage solutions more easily. We also saw a heightened interest in speech recognition which is a critical topic for optimal utilization of voice technology. Younger attorneys prefer to use their smartphones, so getting work done on the phone and hence for example the convenience and ease of use of the Philips recorder app is essential for voice technology adoption. Talking to IT managers, the ease of use of any product is crucial to make sure there are fewer IT issues or support tickets IT administrators must deal with. Attorneys can therefore focus on their clients, finalizing reports quicker with easy team collaboration and file sharing, resulting in greater billable hours for the firms.

Caroline: Agreed, the main theme was cloud, mobility, and speech-to-text with workflow. IT administrators are looking to streamline and eliminate any unnecessary infrastructure and focus on what provides the most efficient support for the law firm.

What was your biggest takeaway from the event?

Matt: I noticed that Document Management Systems (DMS) like iManage or Unified Endpoint Management Systems (UEM) like Microsoft Intune are more and more utilized by many law firms. This is an exciting development as we have been working on third-party integrations, too, knowing the importance of seamless system integrations for our customers. Our APIs and app configurations can play a powerful role in these new developments and adoptions we see in law firms. The Philips SpeechLive solution is API-ready, and we had many good conversations around this topic as well. SpeechLive is compatible with the leading UEM provider that supports app configurations. And finally, practically everyone wants to move most of their IT management solutions to the cloud. This has taken a while for law firms, but it seems the shift is now clearly taking place.

In conclusion, it was an excellent opportunity for us to network and collaborate with industry experts and the legal community, get a better understanding of legal industry needs, and how our solutions can help transform this industry. It has been a great week at ILTA, showcasing the latest in dictation technology that empowers legal professionals to go from voice to text with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

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