Speak easy, integrate easier: These APIs help your solution drive more value

In today’s digital economy, APIs help businesses amplify the reach, effectiveness, and productivity of technology solutions by enabling different software programs to communicate and exchange data. Many common everyday activities we conduct online – checking the weather, ordering merchandise for delivery, and booking travel are a few quick examples – are powered by APIs. Voice technology in particular has become a prominent part of both consumer and commercial landscapes as an increasing number of tasks are driven by speech recognition.

This is why two new APIs from industry leader Speech Processing Solutions offer significant potential for companies of any size and in any industry to amplify their own capabilities. These dictation and administration APIs provide a way to integrate third-party applications with SpeechLive, a next-generation dictation and transcription application. The dictation API facilitates the management of dictations, including creating, reading, updating, and deleting dictations and file properties. Additionally, the API supports attachments like transcripts, images, and videos. Complementing the dictation API, the administration API manages the dictation workflow, to easily add and remove users and teams, as well as assigning roles and permissions and retrieving and updating user settings.

Adding cloud dictation and transcription components to existing software solutions and connecting to Philips SpeechLive without the need to develop mobile and web applications are just a couple of use cases for enhancing existing applications and supporting both industry- and customer-specific workflows. There are many benefits in using these powerful APIs, and they will only continue to grow alongside the utilization of voice technologies:

  • Increased productivity | Automating repetitive tasks such as transcription and file management has a multitude of relevant applications for businesses of all types and at every phase across the workstream
  • Improved accuracy and consistency | Capturing and transcribing audio recordings accurately mitigate miscommunication and re-work – a major advantage of accessing a market-leading solution such as Philips SpeechLive through the API
  • Superior security and compliance | Featuring the highest levels of encryption, users can securely upload recordings (from any device) to the SpeechLive platform, and rest assured data remains protected throughout transfer, processing, and storage stages
  • Seamless integration | Being able to incorporate SpeechLive into various existing applications means developers can customize speech recognition functionalities to suit specific needs and requirements without disrupting established business practices and cadences
  • Ability to enrich and add to portfolio | Leveraging the infrastructure and resources of the SpeechLive solution promotes scalability and reliable performance as there is no need for building and maintaining speech recognition systems from the ground up

Ready to get started? Get more information on how your organization can use the Philips SpeechLive dictation and administration APIs to boost your own solutions and create more value-add services: Visit our developer-focused website to learn about these new capabilities or reach out to our team today.  

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