Back to school made easy!

As students and parents, gear up for the back-to-school season, new tech is also high up on the list for a successful school year. Are you also obsessed with finding the coolest, most helpful, and most affordable gadgets and go-to gear on the planet?

The Philips VoiceTracer audio recorder product family for sure checks these boxes. Designed for ease of use by students and professionals, these voice recorders are a big hit and feature studio-quality microphones, voice-activated recording, long battery life, easy file transfer, and much more. They even come with speech-to-text software to transfer your recordings into text!

Philips VoiceTracer Audio Recorder Pen is a mini powerhouse that shouldn’t be missed in your toolkit. Going back to school comes with mixed emotions and excitement along with a bit of worry about coping with the school notes and syllabus but new tech tools are always something new to look forward to. This mighty-pen in sleek design makes it convenient for students to record lectures and notes. Combined with Sembly AI software, students can even transcribe their recordings into text.

As seen on TV

FOX 4’s Consumer Reporter Steve Noviello hosted a segment on back-to-school, which was featured on FOX 4 News (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX) and included the Philips VoiceTracer Audio Recorder Pen! Watch “Save Me Steve: Back-to-School Gear” and learn more:

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