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A history of dedicated voice technology devices, part 5

What does history teach us about the future? What I see are two opposing technology trends happening simultaneously. One side trends towards getting more isolated while the other trend is to continuously increase the connection between technologies. That’s why so many people like things like Facebook and Twitter. These things are not on your local device but rather all your

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A history of dedicated voice technology devices, part 2

We start our history series of dedicated voice technology devices with a look at the 1950s, 60s and 70s While Elvis Presley and The Beatles were creating a music revolution, technology kept coming up with new ideas to inspire more new ideas. But recording wasn’t just for music, it was also everywhere in technological developments. It meant that valued information

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A history of dedicated voice technology devices, part 1

From analog tape to digital audio to cloud computing, this mini-series presents some highlights of how voice technology has advanced alongside other consumer technology innovations over the years:   From the first dictation machine in 1954 to the first smart voice recorder 62 years later, Philips voice technology has dramatically evolved over the years.     In that time, numerous

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