• Ushering in a New Era of Voice Technology

    Understanding voice technology as an operational multiplier is the first step to leveraging powerful voice capabilities for impactful business transformation. Read more to learn about how your organization can do more with these tools.

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  • The Software Model of the Future – and Now!

    Software as a Service is here to stay, and many successful organizations have already adopted this model. Flexibility and security are more important than ever in 2020, and SaaS can help you stay on track.

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  • Reaping the Rewards of Streamlined Workflows

    Read more to explore key outcomes organizations of all kinds can realize by streamlining workflows.

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  • The Successful Adoption of New Technology

    To maximize the adoption of technology, you must place an equal focus on both the technology and the people. Communicating objectives and concerns early on and making sure the tech is being used regularly and correctly will help to ensure a smooth transition.

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  • Preparing for a Digital-First World

    Is your firm meeting the expectations of today’s “digital first” clients, who have grown accustomed to quick service and near-instant turnaround? Here we examine tangible ways law firms of all sizes can leverage technology to enhance client service in a digitally driven world.

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  • Looking Back and Moving Forward

    Times like these are full of uncertainty. Companies need to prepare as best as possible for what’s to come – and looking back on the previous months is a great way to learn and prepare for the future.

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  • The Differences in Speech Recognition Software

    Wondering what type of speech recognition software best fits your purposes? Read more to discover the speech recognition options that work with various Philips speech-to-text products and solutions.

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