Need Help Finding a Digital VoiceTracer User Manual?

Over the years, there have been a lot of questions about user manuals for the Philips Digital VoiceTracer. In this blog post, we summarized frequently asked questions and answers in one place, along with links to where you can find the user manuals.

Use this handy guide to quickly find an answer, download a user manual, link to the product web page, or just to check the production date of your favorite Philips Digital VoiceTracer.


Where can I find a user manual online?

User manuals for current products can be found on the respective product pages, under “Support” on the Philips Dictation website. For older products, please refer to the tables below. Here are 6 simple steps to finding a user manual online:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the section called “Audio & Video Recorders” on the right hand side of the menu bar.
  3. Scroll down to the product you need a user manual for and click on it
  4. Click on the tab that says “Support” in the menu bar below the product description
  5. Select the language you need from the drop down menu. “English” is pre-selected
  6. Click the icon that says “User Manual”


If you are looking for a manual for a product that is no longer being produced, you can simply check the tables below to see if it is still available and where to find it.


How do I identify my VoiceTracer’s model number?

Current Digital Voice Tracer model numbers will always start with the letters “DVT”, which stands for Digital VoiceTracer, followed by 4 numbers. Prior to 2012, they started with the letters “LFH”.


Why isn’t the manual included in the box?

The most prominent reason paper manuals are not included is environmental impact. Philips strives for sustainability. The less paper waste we can produce, the better.

Did you know?
Every recorder has a PDF of the full user manual stored in it’s internal memory. If you hook up the recorder to your computer using the USB cable that comes in the box, you can browse to the folder called “User Manual” to find it.


Why is a PDF better than paper?

There are several reasons why a virtual copy of the user manual is superior to a paper one:

  1. Like we mentioned before, it’s sustainable. 100% guaranteed not to end up in a landfill
  2. You will never, ever lose it
  3. You can find it quickly
  4. You can zoom in on it, making it easy to read
  5. You can bookmark things easily for later reference
  6. You can highlight important points
  7. You can share it easily
  8. You can put it in cloud storage and access it anywhere
  9. It won’t accidentally get destroyed


What is the Quick Start Guide?

The VoiceTracer box does include a one page Quick Start Guide. It is not the user manual, but its job is to make sure you can get started and guide you to the user manual found on the device storage.


Do VoiceTracer models share manuals?

Yes, many do but not all of them.


Below, we have put together some tables with the Digital VoiceTracer model numbers and user manuals. You can download the English version of your VoiceTracer’s user manual by clicking the file name. If you need to download the manual in another language, you will need to visit the Philips Dictation website. The model numbers are linked to the corresponding product pages on the website.


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production year 2019 onward. These are current production models.

Model No. File Name File Size
DVT2050 dvt2050_ifu_en.pdf 4.0MB
DVT2110 dvt2110_2810_ifu_en.pdf 2.3MB
DVT2805 dvt2805_qsg.pdf 1.6MB
DVT2810 dvt2110_2810_ifu_en.pdf 2.3MB
DVT4110 dvt4110_6110_7110_8110_ifu_en.pdf 3.3MB
DVT6110 dvt4110_6110_7110_8110_ifu_en.pdf 3.3MB
DVT7110 dvt4110_6110_7110_8110_ifu_en.pdf 3.3MB
DVT8110 dvt4110_6110_7110_8110_ifu_en.pdf 3.3MB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2016 – 2018.

Model No. File Name File Size
DVT8010 dvt4010-6010-6510-8010_ifu_en.pdf 7.2MB
DVT7500 dvt7500_ifu_en.pdf 4.5MB
DVT6010 dvt4010-6010-6510-8010_ifu_en.pdf 7.2MB
DVT4010 dvt4010-6010-6510-8010_ifu_en.pdf 7.2MB
DVT2710 dvt2510-2710_ifu_en.pdf 4.6MB
DVT2510 dvt2510-2710_ifu_en.pdf 4.6MB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2015 – 2017.

Model No. File Name File Size
DVT1300 dvt1300_ifu_en.pdf 829KB
DVT1150 dvt1150_ifu_en.pdf 419KB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2014 – 2016.

Model No. File Name File Size
DVT8000 dvt4000-6000-6500-8000_ifu_en.pdf 884KB
DVT6500 dvt4000-6000-6500-8000_ifu_en.pdf 884KB
DVT6000 dvt4000-6000-6500-8000_ifu_en.pdf 884KB
DVT4000 dvt4000-6000-6500-8000_ifu_en.pdf 884KB
DVT2700 dvt2500-dvt2700_ifu_en.pdf 621KB
DVT2500 dvt2500-dvt2700_ifu_en.pdf 621KB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2013 – 2017.

Model No. File Name File Size
DVT2000 dvt1200-2000_ifu_en.pdf 679KB
DVT1200 dvt1200-2000_ifu_en.pdf 679KB
DVT1250 dvt1250_ifu_en.pdf 4.2MB
DVT1100 dvt1100_ifu_en.pdf 3.2MB
DVT1110 dvt1110_ifu_en.pdf 3.2MB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2013 – 2014.

Model No. File Name File Size
DVT3600 dvt1400-7000_ifu_en.pdf 867KB
DVT3400 dvt1400-7000_ifu_en.pdf 867KB
DVT3200* dvt1400-7000_ifu_en.pdf 867KB
DVT1700 dvt1400-7000_ifu_en.pdf 867KB
DVT1400 dvt1400-7000_ifu_en.pdf 867KB

*The DVT3200 is an OEM product and therefore no product page exists for this item.


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2012 -2014.

Model No. File Name File Size
DVT7000 dvt1400-7000_ifu_en.pdf 867KB
DVT5500 dvt1400-7000_ifu_en.pdf 867KB
DVT5000 dvt1400-7000_ifu_en.pdf 867KB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2012-2013.

Model No. File Name File Size
DVT3500 dvt3000_00_dfu_aen.pdf 898KB
DVT3000 dvt3000_00_dfu_aen.pdf 898KB
DVT1500 dvt3000_00_dfu_aen.pdf 898KB
DVT1000 dvt3000_00_dfu_aen.pdf 898KB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2011 – 2012.

Model No. File Name File Size
LFH0898 lfh0898_00_dfu_aen.pdf 2.55MB
LFH0884 lfh0898_00_dfu_aen.pdf 2.55MB
LFH0865 lfh0898_00_dfu_aen.pdf 2.55MB
LFH0655 *No longer available
LFH0645 lfh0645_00_dfu_aen.pdf 382KB
LFH0635 lfh0635_00_dfu_aen.pdf 376KB
LFH0625 lfh0635_00_dfu_aen.pdf 376KB
LFH0615 lfh0635_00_dfu_aen.pdf 376KB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2009 – 2011.

Model No. File Name File Size
LFH0895 lfh0888_00_dfu_aen.pdf 3.25MB
LFH0888 lfh0888_00_dfu_aen.pdf 3.25MB
LFH0885 lfh0888_00_dfu_aen.pdf 3.25MB
LFH0882 lfh0888_00_dfu_aen.pdf 3.25MB
LFH0868 lfh0888_00_dfu_aen.pdf 3.25MB
LFH0867 lfh0888_00_dfu_aen.pdf 3.25MB
LFH0862 lfh0888_00_dfu_aen.pdf 3.25MB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2010 – 2011.

Model No. File Name File Size
LFH0652 lfh0652_00_dfu_aen.pdf 370KB
LFH0642 lfh0642_00_dfu_aen.pdf 342KB
LFH0632 lfh0632_00_dfu_aen.pdf 359KB
LFH0617 lfh0632_00_dfu_aen.pdf 359KB
LFH0612 lfh0632_00_dfu_aen.pdf 359KB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2009 – 2010.

Model No. File Name File Size
LFH0662 lfh0662_00_dfu_aen.pdf 2.63MB
LFH0667 lfh0662_00_dfu_aen.pdf 2.63MB
LFH0622 lfh0622_00_dfu_aen.pdf 2.59MB
LFH0602 lfh0622_00_dfu_aen.pdf 2.59MB


Philips Digital VoiceTracer production years 2008 – 2009.

Model No. File Name File Size
LFH0880 lfh0880_00_dfu_aen.pdf 1.52MB
LFH0860 lfh0880_00_dfu_aen.pdf 1.52MB
LFH0660 lfh0880_00_dfu_aen.pdf 1.52MB
LFH0620 lfh0620_00_dfu_aen.pdf 1.31MB
LFH0600 lfh0620_00_dfu_aen.pdf 1.31MB


If you still have questions, are thinking about purchasing a new model, or if you did not find the user manual or model number for the Digital VoiceTracer you have, please leave a comment and let us know, we are happy to help!



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