Looking for a Digital VoiceTracer User Manual?

In this article, we aim to help our customers to find user manuals for the current Philips Digital VoiceTracer product series. We have summarized frequently asked questions along with the links to where you can find the user manuals on our website as well as direct PDF downloads.

Where can I find a user manual online?

User manuals for current products can be found on the respective product pages, under “Support” on the Philips Dictation website. Here are a few simple steps to finding a user manual online:

  1. Go to https://www.dictation.philips.com
  2. Hover over “Products” and select “Audio & video recorders”
  3. Scroll down to the product you are looking a user manual for and click on it
  4. Click on the tab that says “Support” in the menu bar below the product description (refer to image below)
  5. Select the language you need from the drop down menu. “English” is pre-selected.
  6. Click the icon that says “User Manual”
  7. Compatibility of the product to Mac OS or Windows OS can be viewed by clicking on specifications tab

How do I identify my VoiceTracer’s model number?

Current Digital Voice Tracer model numbers will always start with the letters “DVT”, which stands for Digital VoiceTracer, followed by 4 numbers.

Why isn’t the manual included in the box?

The most prominent reason why the paper manuals are not included anymore is the environmental impact. Philips strives for sustainability. The less paper waste we produce, the better. Electronic PDF documents are 100% sustainable, easy to read, save, find and bookmark.

Did you know?
Every recorder has a PDF of the user manual stored in it’s internal memory. If you connect the recorder to your computer using a USB cable that comes in the box, you can browse to the folder called “User Manual” to find it.

What is the Quick Start Guide?

The VoiceTracer box does include a one page Quick Start Guide. It is not a user manual, but has all the information to get you started and help you find the full user manual saved on the device.

Do different VoiceTracer models share manuals?

Yes, many do but not all of them.

Below, we have put together a table with the Digital VoiceTracer model numbers and user manuals that are currently in the market. You can download the English version of your VoiceTracer’s user manual by clicking the file name. If you need to download the manual in another language, you will need to visit the Philips Dictation website. The model numbers are linked to the corresponding product pages on the website.

These are current models:

Model No.File Name

If you are looking for a user manual of an older product, please click here.

If you still have questions, are thinking about purchasing a new model, or if you did not find the user manual or model number for the Digital VoiceTracer you have, please leave a comment and let us know, we are happy to help!

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